First Trimester Survival Essentials (and a Bumpdate)

First Trimester Survival Essentials (and a Bumpdate)

We are officially over halfway through this pregnancy and I'll be WAY honest here. It has certainly not flown by. For the majority of my first trimester, I really struggled with how I felt about pregnancy: it was exhausting, I was always (always!) sick, and I didn't want to complain because

1) For years, I fought so dang hard to get here, and

2) I was so freaking happy to be pregnant.  

Seriously though, even looking at the computer screen made me dizzy and queasy, so I couldn't blog, watch garbage television, or stalk Facebook. None of those were crises of course, but it did change a little bit of my day-to-day life. Given that I write for other people for a living, it also made working from home really hard. 

Shout out to all of the pregnant women who work outside of their home. I kept thinking about how hard it would've been to stay in the classroom with as sick as I was and how many potty breaks I needed, so I have mad respect for anyone who finds themselves constantly nauseated but hanging through the work week without missing anything. 

From week 6 until about week 16 (yes, into my second trimester) I was pretty debilitated. The dude found himself carting me back and forth to the ER for more fluids even though I was drinking damn near 100 ounces of water a day, and he also found himself doing more of the household chores than ever before. He's ALWAYS been a partner in this sense, but we find ourselves working together most of the time. That first trimester of pregnancy had him cleaning up after us and our pups without my help, while also cooking and taking care of laundry. 

By the time I started feeling less nauseated, the summer heat had picked up here so the swelling started. My doctor assured me this was normal and okay, especially given how hot it was, and then the heartburn got so bad that - even after meds - I was throwing up. 

Now, at 21 weeks, it seems I have it mostly under control. I do feel a lot of round ligament pain and my belly finally popped out. These babies are sitting high and I find myself out of breath pretty often. My husband reassures me I actually look pregnant and repeatedly says, "Babe, you're beautiful. You're growing life and that's also beautiful," when I find veins on my boobs or pimples in weird places.

With all of that said, I'm calling this middle section the sweet spot because it's certainly better than the constant nausea and countless ER trips of trimester 1, and I *know* I'm going to start feeling more and more pregnant in the upcoming weeks. 

At yesterday's appointment we got to see the little nuggets and we confirmed their sex (sexes?). Both are weighing about a pound already and their measurements put them in the 50% for height. One of them really likes showing off and gave us a gun show, flexing their muscles for the U/S tech. Read until the very end to see a few shots. 

The dude and I are working on the nursery, though the babes will sleep in our room at first, and all of my moms - my mom, stepmom, and mother in law - and my oldest sister are planning my baby shower for September (before I get way big). 

Here are a few of the things that have saved my rear during the first half of my pregnancy:

Note: I am an Amazon affiliate, which means that I will make a few pennies if you decide to buy any of these items directly from the links below. However, I only endorse and write about products I love (and Amazon isn't sponsoring this post). If interested, click the heading/name of the product.

1.  A U-Pillow

This thing makes me feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud, a rare feeling when dealing with an expanding belly. I can lay on either of my sides and wrap myself around this thing, feeling supported, secure, and less likely to rage on on anyone mid-day because I'm actually resting at night.

2. A Nursing Bra

Yep. The girls have grown a cup size already and I anticipate another one before babes get here. That means y'all need to look out once my milk comes in. I bought bra extenders first, which saved my tuchus from needing to buy a ton of new bras before my boobs really got started, but have now moved onto nursing bras. They are stretchy little (big), heaven sent boob hugs that make me feel human when the girls are still really achy. 

3. Gum

Stock up and chew often, because between vomiting, feeling like you're about to vomit, and being convinced your breath always smells like vom, gum will be your lifesaver. I tend to chew it to alleviate some of the nausea first, and then to keep my breath fresh when I'm feeling disgusting. I choose this gum because it's also sugar free and I like the flavor. 

4. Glass Water Bottle

You're going to get tired of hearing people tell you to drink more water during pregnancy, but it's true that staying hydrated is serious business. I personally do a better job of it when I carry water with me everywhere I go, and I definitely love that this one is BPA free, glass, and has a protective cover that makes it easier to grip, too.

5. My Audible Subscription

I know that seems strange, but I was so sick that screen time was not a thing. Being able to listen to books via Audible helped me feel entertained and calm, and with Audible I can take those books anywhere via my phone (which is rad). I listened to a great book on being an imperfect parent and their parenting section is top notch. Check it here

You can sign up for a 30 day free trial of Audible and get two free books, too. Which is kind of perfect for those of you looking for a new form of entertainment while you're at home blowing chunks. 

In truth, the best weapon I had during my first trimester was an open mind. Since this was my first pregnancy, I had a ton of ideas about what it would feel/be like and - honestly - zero clue. All of my expectations were shot out of the window as soon as the sickness hit, so going into this with a sense of humor and a big ass water bottle were truly what I needed to get through.

Experienced mommas: What things would you add to this list? What would you take off? What one thing really helped you survive your first trimester? Leave your tips/tricks/magic in the comments! 



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