Pineapple Fever (TTC Trinkets under $25)

Pineapple Fever (TTC Trinkets under $25)

My taken-but-not-ttc friend recently flew up from Tampa to spend a weekend with me in St. Louis. I met Jennifer while working at a daycare a few years back, before going back into teaching (which I've - again - retired from). Anyway, she is this fiery little thing who enjoys a lot of the same things as me, especially sarcasm.

So our friendship stuck long after we both left that job for bigger and better. 

When she got to my house she saw a plethora of pineapple swag just hanging out in the kitchen, and I knew I'd need to explain a bit when she looked at me like, "Hey girl, you live in Missouri. It's not the tropics."

For those of you who are not trying to conceive or who are new to the infertility world, the pineapple has become a symbol of hope throughout the infertility world, given that bromelain - an enzyme in the pineapple core - is said to be an anti-inflammatory and mild blood thinner which, rumor has it, helps with implantation.

Those of us gearing up for IUI and IVF tend to hunt down super cute pineapple gifts, and I had just received a care package from my friend Erin in Chicago. Since her package arrived, I've been scavenging for cute little trinkets and wearables to send out to my friends also feeling the stress of infertility. 

Here are my current affordable favs (all items are priced under $25 at the time of writing this post). 

***Please excuse my poor measurements on the pictures. I am NOT a designer and am learning as I go.***

1. These multi-purpose, comfy socks.

Have a friend with an upcoming retrieval or transfer? These socks might just be the perfect gift to give someone you love. With a fun print and the sentiment behind the gift, your cycle-buddy will feel comforted knowing you're with them in the big moments. 

Or they can just keep their feet warm after transfer! 

Great for the weekend or even lounging around the house. If you're lucky enough to work from home, this can be your go-to anytime. However, I love the fun (and pink toes and rim). 

2. A (seriously adorable) planter.

I'm not sure I need to say anything else about this, except maybe there's a lot to say. I honestly think keeping things alive has been a BIG part of my self-care practice since I knew procreation wouldn't be as easy for us as it is for some others. Keeping something green, loving on my dogs, and holding tight to my relationship keep me sane, guys. 

Know your audience, obviously, because you don't want to send this to someone undergoing treatment who also happens to be without a green thumb. The last thing we want to do is see our pineapple plant struggling, too. 

Click the picture to link to the Etsy shop selling this nugget.

3. Crave-worthy candles from Bath & Body Works

A little bit high in price, I tend to wait for Bath & Body Works sales before I buy their candles because I can almost always find them for at least $10 off, if not more. However, if I'm completely out of them I will spend the money on their candles without hesitation. 


Well, I've tried the varieties at Target, at TJ Maxx and even IKEA, and none of them can fill a room with smelly goodness the same as Bath & Body Works candles can. Plus, they tend to last upwards of a few hours longer than the other knock-offs. While I'm usually a fan of saving money when you can, I splurge on these without guilt. They make my house smell amazing.


B&BW is having a sale right now (meow). By entering the code GOODIES at checkout, you'll get $10 off a purchase of $30. Click the image to go directly to their site.

4. Perfect Pineapple Planners (so we don't over-schedule ourselves).

My planner is a critical piece of my self-care routine, honestly. Not only is it wicked-exciting to knock things off my to-do list, but I also write daily affirmations and random love-notes inside of it. My planner helps me keep boundaries (No, I cannot meet you for breakfast after my scan. I have no idea how I'll feel and I want to honor myself, however I feel works, that day). 

I haven't tried this one, but I love the message on the front and Minted is making them for pretty dang cheap. If you get one, let me know what you think.

5. A Fun Little Wine Cork

Now, before we get any further, please know I hesitated to put up this little piece. Mostly because I didn't want anyone to think I'm advocating for alcohol abuse. In fact, it's the opposite: if you're using this piece correctly it's because there is wine left IN the bottle, and so you need to reseal it until you enjoy - safely - another glass of wine. 

Now that that's out of the way, can I just say how fun I think these are? You can find this same cork on several sites online, but a lot of them require bulk orders for a cheap price. Still, you can find it in several places without breaking the bank (or buying 50). 

I found this one on Etsy (click the picture to open another page). 

Cute, right?

Have you found cheap pineapple swag you're stashing? Comment below with links to your favorites so others can enjoy them, too!

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