My Amazon author bio reads:

Lindsay Fischer is a trauma-tested author who writes about her own experiences to help others feel less alone. A former English teacher and dance coach, a domestic violence survivor, and - now - a seemingly infertile Myrtle, she refuses to be silent about the things that change our lives. For her, those issues are domestic violence and infertility. 

Lindsay Fischer graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in secondary education, English. Life got messy when she fell in love with a man who would become her abuser, and it pulled her from the classroom. After three years of trauma therapy, she saw an opportunity to use her voice against injustices and shame-filled adversity, blogging under the pseudonym Sarafina Bianco since 2009. She revealed her real identity in 2015 when her memoir, The House on Sunset, was re-released.

But I'm really just a meant-to-be Cali girl who lives in the Midwest. I hate pumpkin spice, get too worked up about religion and politics, and would seriously eat pasta for every meal if allowed, though my joints feel swoll when I do. Winter is the worst season (but I love the holidays...most of the time). 

I speak my mind freely and sometimes I get into trouble because my mouth moves faster than my brain. 

Mostly? I'm a woman who learned the hard way you can't serve others if you aren't tapping and refilling your own keg. 

Our Story

He wooed me in big, big ways. 18 months of dating, 6 months of betrothal (former English teacher who's unsure about my word usage...but it sounds cool), 3 months of "not-preventing" pregnancy before we were married (#sinners), one glorious day on a beach in Maui. 

Lots of baby-making attempts on our honeymoon. 


30 months of less-fun procreation worries, frustrations, tests and procedures. Here's the run down: 


We have done the best we know how to with the chaos, frustration and devastation that is this journey. Not experts, we've made missteps along this path. But somewhere along the way we've learned about patience, perseverance, and partnership. My guy and I are a team. 

And we're ready to rock another egg retrieval so we can finally - gasp - get to a time when we can transfer embabies. 

Need more details? They are all within the the blog posts, ya'll. You wouldn't read if I told you all-the-things on this page, right?